Christmas, the Nativity of Jesus

Christmas is celebrated on December 25, the Nativity, that means the birth, of Our Lord, Jesus. After four weeks of Advent, as season of preparation and waiting, we rejoice at the coming of Our Savior into the world, a light shining in darkness.

Christmas is a holy day of obligation, with one or more Vigil Masses the evening of December 24th, and several daytime Masses on December 25. The liturgy of Midnight Mass provides a special opportunity to experience the cold and darkness, and then experience the beautiful, holy light as we gather to adore our Newborn King, just as the shepherds did when, tending their flocks by night, they experienced the choir angels singing, “Glory to God in the Highest!”

In this video Vatican official Philip Whitmore reads the Christmas story from St. Luke’s Gospel.

In different regions of the world, the hope and joy of Christmas have taken the form of joyful traditions, passed down within families and communities. Our parish, enjoys the rich diversity of food, drink, merry-making, song, decoration, gift-giving, and festive gatherings that connect us to one another, from each heritage, geography, and culture. We celebrate together with the angels in Heaven, all our distant or departed loved ones, the whole communion of saints, all united in the Body of Christ.