Welcome to All Saints Parish

120 Bellevue Ave at Broadway (Route 97) Haverhill, MA 01832 - 978-372-7721

Come to Mass soon and pray with us!

Mass Schedule:

Saturday: 4:00 PM
Sunday: 8:00 AM,
9:30 AM (Family) and
11:00 AM
Weekdays: 8:00 AM
Holy Days: As Announced

All Saints Parish 120 Bellevue Ave.
Haverhill, MA

New to Haverhill?

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We are located near downtown
In Haverhill's historic
Mount Washington neighborhood
On the corner of Bellevue and Broadway,
One mile south of I-495 exit 50.
You'll see our beautiful church on the hill.
Come to Mass soon and pray with us!
All Saints Parish
120 Bellevue Street
Haverhill, MA

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All Saints Parish Mission Statement

All Saints Parish in Haverhill, an active Catholic faith community of rich cultural diversity, was established in the year 1998. As a community we commit ourselves to being welcoming to all, recognizing the gift of life in Christ, making prayer, Scripture and the Eucharist central in our lives and promoting service by reaching out to others in peace and love.

God Bless You!

Come worship with us!

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Looking for a Warm, Inviting Community?

Throughout the year we celebrate the enormous love and MERCY of almighty God, made visible in Jesus Christ, fully human and fully divine. Jesus tells us, and more important, He shows us, that He loves us selflessly, completely, just as we are called to love Him, and one another.

Looking around at the beautiful flowers, hearing the birds sing, enjoying the season's warmth and sunshine, we rejoice in the resurrection of Jesus Christ, in his triumph over sin, suffering and death. We rejoice even as we know that we continue to fall short of what God expects of us, and even in with all our imperfections God remains with us every day, in sickness and in health, in prosperity and in times of financial hardship, in fair and stormy weather, in our sinfulness and in our sorrow, in our blessings and in our gratitude. God is with us even when we turn away from Him. He never leaves us, and He never gives up on us.

Making time each day for prayer, reflection and fellowship, we deepen our faith, our connections with God and with one another. Imperceptibly each day through the humdrum of routine tasks, offered in prayer and performed with love, we continue to grow as individuals, as families, and as a community.

Our parish provides so many ways for us to connect with one another as we celebrate the Good News of God's Word Made Flesh, Jesus Christ, the Lamb of God born in a manger, who takes away the sins of the world. God loves each of us unconditionally - and we can do nothing to earn or merit this amazing LOVE from our God, nor can we do or think or say anything that will make Him love us less.

Each day is a 24-hour gift from Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, as reflected in the Scripture readings. Whether you are a longtime Haverhill resident, newcomer, or visitor, please come worship with us! Please read our bulletin to learn about the many activities and opportunities for prayer and community - and we hope you will join us!

Catholics Come Home

"I used to be Catholic."
"I am not religious."
"I want to grow in faith."
Learn more at www.Catholics Come Home.org.

Thinking of becoming a Catholic?

Our RCIA program welcomes you! We will help you discern God's presence in your faith journey.

Are you planning to marry?

Congratulations! Call the Rectory to set up a time for both of you to stop by and visit with one of our parish priests to talk about preparation for this amazing moment in your lives together. As a parish family, we are here to help you enjoy a grace-filled, happy, successful marriage.